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XYZ Company Facebook Analytics Analysis

The following post is for educational purposes only

XYZ Company is a theoretical brand, based on a real company, premised on heating and air conditioner systems.


XYZ Company’s success is highly reliant on paid advertisement. Organic reach is minimal and lacking in user engagement. When analyzing engagement alone, most interaction is due to likes, with minimal comments, and a scarce amount of shares. After analyzing the company’s Facebook page, most of the comments are follow up questions, with a great majority related to pricing options. On the rare occassion that content is shared, it tends to be related to contests or giveaways.

In reviewing the published posts, it is apparent that the posts are reaching an audience, but the content is not encouraging engagement. This would suggest that the content is not interesting or related to the viewer base. Furthermore, XYZ company struggles to lure viewers away from the timeline. Between June and November, most Facebook visitors kept their focus on the timeline. A very minimal amount of visitors clicked on reviews or external links. Based on this assessment, there is the potential to build a presence on social media, but the content needs to be more interactive to keep interest.

Screen Shot 2015-11-15 at 10.24.29 PM

In reference to IMC, there needs to be a greater effort to integrate content throughout all channels. Once all of the channels are linked together, the brand will become more cohesive in appearance. This would entail blog posts that drive readers to the website, Youtube videos that are promoted across Google+ and Facebook, or articles that increase a business’ status as a subject expert. Social media channels need to be consistently monitored to answer all questions, comments, concerns, and praises. Consumers relate customer service directly to the appeal of a brand.

Lastly, there needs to be a consistency in brand appearance. This means including a color scheme, font, and visual imagery that are easily identified. All profile pictures should be consistent, a short biography should be included in all platforms, and all social channels should include linkage to the company website.

Key Findings

In reviewing the data from 10/31/15 to 11/6/15, total page likes were up 1.2% from last week, and engagement increased 446.7% from the previous week. However, post reach was down 34.5% from the previous week. It is promising to see more engagement and the creation of fans, but reach is equally important. If reach continues to increase, there is potential for dialogue and impressions to increase. More touchpoints are directly linked to more opportunity.

Screen Shot 2015-11-15 at 2.25.28 PM

Overall, page likes have shown a steady increase throughout the year, which is a sign of building business. There was a quick increase in followers from early June to mid-July with a jump of around 100. This is most likely due to increased business in air conditioning during the summer months. Pages likes slowed down after those months. It would be interesting to track the winter months to see if heating sales promote higher page likes.

Screen Shot 2015-11-15 at 2.26.48 PM

After a brief analysis, the amount of net likes is inconsistent. Overall there is a trend upwards, however, there is also a great percentage of stagnation. Of the activity monitored through June to November, there were 79 net like points (or markers). 28 showed no increase, 49 increased, and 2 decreased. On average, this calculates to an increase of roughly 62%, a 35% lack of gain, and 3% decrease. I would not say the decrease is a point of concern at the moment. The amount is small, which suggests that a couple of people may have found the page irrelevant or users left Facebook. However, the goal is to decrease the stagnant number and strive for constant increase.

Screen Shot 2015-11-15 at 2.26.28 PM

These likes are also derived from a variety of sources. Ads overwhelmingly dominated the source of likes, followed by a relatively equal distribution from page likes, on your page, and page suggestions. Based on the graphic below, there would be multiple days where likes would not be conceived if paid advertisement was not in place. Although paid advertisement is beneficial to marketing, there should be growth from organic advertisement as well.

Screen Shot 2015-11-15 at 2.26.35 PM

Those who like the page are predominantly women at 57%, followed by men at 43%. The most affected demographic for women is between the age of 35-44 (17%), followed by 45-54 (13%), and 55-64 (12%). For men, it is almost evenly distributed between 25-34 (12%), 35-44 (11%), and 45-54 (10%). The age demographics are synonymous with the average age of homeowners, which starts around 25 years of age. Prior to that, the demographic typically lives with their parents or in apartments that are maintained by the company. As far as geographic region, most of the fans are in the United States and in the New England region, which is relevant to the company. A point of concern would be to inquire why the reach is highest among an age demographic for women (18-24 years) that is not applicable to the target market? This could be translated to wasted marketing dollars and ineffective marketing.

Screen Shot 2015-11-15 at 2.28.36 PM  Screen Shot 2015-11-15 at 2.29.10 PM


As a business owner, I would be concerned with the scattered amount of reach displayed in the analytics. According to these charts, the reach can range from 83 to 1.7k. This is a highly marginal gap. It is understandable that promotions and certain products may provide more reach, but this is excessive. The marketing tactics and chosen advertisement may need to be examined to see how target markets are being pulled.

Screen Shot 2015-11-15 at 3.23.05 PM

The greatest opportunity for improvement resides on the Facebook page. First, the widget button should be moved further up on the left hand side of the page. Because they have perfect reviews across the board, this is a great assett to promote.

The analytics show that the most viewes are around 12pm, 3pm, and between 6-8pm. As a media manager, views should be scheduled around these time frames. Currently the posts are scattered in time increments. As a start up company, timing should be consistent. Also, air conditioning may want to be promoted more towards the hotter part of the day and heaters towards the evening hours. This would keep content relevant and directly related to viewer’s needs.

Screen Shot 2015-11-15 at 3.23.19 PM

The visual content on Facebook is relevant to the brand, but is mundane to the viewer. While air conditioners are impressive pieces of equipment, after one or two the viewer’s interest is most likely lost. There should be more integration of articles, personal testimonies, facts related to heating and cooling system, and general information that is relatable to the clientele. This will avoid the Facebook channel from presenting itself as a product catalogue. This will only lead to top down conversation. Outside articles will also drive traffic and perhaps lead viewers to the website or to scan additional reviews.

On their website, XYZ Company advertises that they have a Facebook and Google + account. The Youtube channel needs to be incorporated into the widget. The Youtube channel consists of three videos that are between 12 and 19 seconds, some without voice over. These videos simply display an air conditioner after it has been installed. The videos do not provide a lot of content for a user to engage on, especially with no sound bites attached to the video. It is likely that the user has no idea what the content is about. In addition, all videos should include a description and link to their company website. The company website is listed once throughout the channel and is not embedded with a link. An embedded link would promote a greater chance of clicks.

The Google+ page promotes the same videos that are featured on the Youtube channel. There are also many pictures that derive from the Facebook channel, which keeps content consistent. On this channel, XYZ Company should integrate a company description and also include a link to the Facebook channel.

Integration of Other Channels

There is a lack of integration between the channels this company utilizes. The main website offers widgets at the top of the screen for Facebook, Google +, and email. With most posts on Facebook, the company includes the corporate website in the body of the post. While it is a great start to include the link, there must be content to drive traffic toward the website. Otherwise these efforts will continue to be overlooked.

The website features two unique features which can be integrated into the Google+ and Facebook channels. The first is the blog. Although the blog has one post, it has the potential to be built. Blog posts could relate to how climate influences mood, sporting events, households, products, finances, etc. An example could be a blog post on how to adjust temperatures throughout the day to keep electricity bills lower. The second feature is a quick appointment scheduler that is platformed through the website. This feature should be integrated into posts about certain products, pricing options, and specials. This allows a viewer to see a promotion, schedule a quick appointment, and as a bonus they are now on the company website! Long term thinking would be to incorporate the schedule planner into an App.

What are some future campaigns or posts that could be effective? How can they integrate in their other available online or offline channels?

XYZ Company promotes their products with the promise of providing excellent customer service. This should be integrated into the marketing strategy. It would be interesting to provide short Youtube videos that show an independent case process (how something is installed in a home) and include a testimonial from the customer. The viewer can then see the process, along with a review on how the product will benefit them. This Youtube video can then be shared through Facebook, Google +, and integrated into the website. For offline, this has the potential to be produced as a television commercial and the testimonial can be included in a radio ad. Furthermore, the testimonial also has the potential to be printed in print publications.

Based on reviewed analytics, the company received the most engagement through mentioning brand name products (Lennox, Mitsubishi, New American) or promoting a contest. An example of a contest could entail a user to submit a story or Youtube video detailing their “horror story about broken air conditioners” (potential for Halloween) to the Facebook channel. I’m sure most people have had an incident where the cooling or heating system went out for the day. These stories would be shared through the social media channels and the winner would be highlighted on the channel and throughout the company website. This would inturn create more visually appealing content. This contest could be promoted in local newspapers, radio ads, or as a public service announcement on a television station.


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