The Skinnygirl Brand Post

Bethenny Frankel & The Skinnygirl Brand

About Miss Frankel:

Bethenny Frankel, as seen on Instagram, graduated from the Natural Gourmet Institute where she specialized in creating healthier food options, according to her biography in People Magazine. She continued to gather national attention after her appearances on The Apprentice: Martha Stewart and The Real Housewives of New York City. Much of Bethenny’s inspiration for the Skinnygirl line was due to eating disorders as a child, the article claims. She is quoted as saying, “I was owned by dieting. I hated myself. I was completely obsessed and consumed.” This reasoning promotes why her brand is associated with healthy-choice eating rather than dieting supplements. As referenced in lecture, a vital part of integrated marketing is to establish a purpose for the brand. The Skinnygirl brand exemplifies that their passion is to help other women achieve a healthy and balanced lifestyle in all aspects of communication.

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Skinnygirl Alcohol and Food Products

The Skinnygirl line originally launched with low-calorie cocktails. The Skinnygirl Cocktails website claims their mission is to, “bring you all the cocktail options that you want, without the extra calories that you don’t.” The line launched with the Skinnygirl Margarita, the company’s signature drink. In 2011, Frankel sold the company to Jim Beam, where they continued to expand on selection. Since then, the line has expanded to flavor-infused vodkas, wine, and pre-made cocktails such as mojitos, cosmopolitans, sangria, and flavored margaritas. These are sold in local grocery, ABC stores, and retail stores across the country.

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The Skinnygirl line places a major emphasis on the promotion of healthy-eating. Bethenny’s website does a great job at promoting recipes through her blogs. The food recipes are updated and aligned with upcoming holidays or life events (ex. Labor Day weekend, back to school, holiday parties). These recipes generally feature simple ingredients, are easy to follow, can be shared via social media, and leave room for comments. The blogs are excellent for encouraging two-way communication to allow the audience to comment and share their ideas on her products and recipes.

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These recipes are also further promoted through her line of books. According to Barnes and Noble, several of her books include recipes such as Naturally Thin, Skinnygirl Solutions, The Skinnygirl Dish, and The Skinnygirl Rules.

As stated in lecture, much of the success of a brand is correlated to the brand’s personality. Bethenny Frankel’s greatest talent is in her ability to cross-promote herself and her product line. Miss Frankel has a cult-like following, who relate to her personality as an independent and out-spoken single mom. Her comments are often quick witted and relatable. This humor is demonstrated in each part of her brand’s domain. The voice and tone of the brand is relatable and speaks to customers as if they were friends. The experience is paralleled to being just another “one of the girls.”

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Her website is used as her primary hub to navigate all of her product lines. From the main webpage, users can scroll through lifestyle, food, relationships, Skinnygirl products, business, and event blogs. Her website relates more to a community platform rather than a business model. Her marketing tactics are subliminal and often include personal advice. She is unique in her ability to relate to her consumers as an individual rather than a television personality. Therefore, she can offer suggestions and advice while simultaneously marketing.

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Cross Media Promotion

Bethenny Frankel and the Skinnygirl brands are very actively engaged in social media. Her social media channels include Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and Youtube. She often references her own product line in her posts and demonstrates how it can be used. She engages with her audience by retweeting messages and responding directly to questions asked.

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Bethenny Frankel has built an empire through the Skinnygirl line. The abundance of platforms including The Real Housewives of New York City, her books, and social media channels align to achieve ubiquity for the Skinnygirl line. Followers of the brand devote themselves to her mantra of making healthy eating decisions, without dieting. The Skinnygirl line expands to include workout videos, nutrition supplements, beauty supplies, food products, alcohol. The brand promotes a lifestyle adaptation with products that can be used everyday. Her products are fairly priced and can be purchased from most grocery and convenience stores. The accessibility and mission statement that she promotes in her brand create a vision that promises that each girl can be a Skinnygirl.


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